Mr. Heater MH9BX Portable Buddy Heater

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 Pros: Excellent heat output, Safe to use, Handy size
 Cons: Only two heat settings, Sensor is too sensitive, Disposable cylinders don’t last long

A more portable version of the popular Big Buddy heater is now available with the addition of the Mr. Heater Portable Buddy Heater. The heater packs nearly all the features found on its bigger brother, except for the medium setting, on a smaller and easier to transport unit measuring 9 x 14.2 x 14.4 inches and weighing 9.5 pounds compared to the Big Buddy’s 18.5 x 18 x 11.4 inches and 20 pounds. It can be carried easily from one location to another using the Fold-Down Handle. Both are safe for indoor and outdoor use, featuring Automatic shutoff that turns the unit off instantaneously when accidentally tipped over or when it detects low oxygen. The sensor may be too sensitive though, causing the heater to shut off even if it’s not on critical levels. The Mr. Heater Portable Buddy Heater is a good substitute to an actual campfire and a good back-up when the power goes out. It is likewise ideal for other outdoor activities like fishing and hiking or for use in RVs, cabins and other similar places. It heats up a 200 sq. ft. space pretty fast, blasting out 9,000 BTUs. The heater can use either 1-lb disposable cylinders or a 20-lb tank through an optional accessory. Although you can easily purchase a 2-pack for a low price, a 1-lb. cylinder could only last for about three to six hours so frequent replacement might be needed. Connecting the heater to a 20-lb tank would probably be best if you require longer hours or continuous operation. Big Buddy owners would also miss the medium setting since the Mr. Heater Portable Buddy Heater only has two heat settings, high and low. We must say that the heater is very effective, even in the lowest setting, but a medium setting would have allowed the heater to adapt more quickly to varying needs.


Lasko 5812 RS3000 Portable Utility Heater

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 Pros: Small, space saving size and design, very high heat output, safety switch, selectable heat settings, affordable and great value for money
 Cons: Audible hum from fan during operation, dust may collect at the air intake grate, no auto-off function

Lasko heaters have always been one of the popular products for heating appliances. The powerful heat output from the Lasko 5812 RS3000 Portable Utility Heater, comparable to a medium-sized one, belies any initial impressions about its small size and adds to the impressive opinions on the product line. A bantam 6.4 pounds of machine which can fit easily under a desk, stand low-key in a corner, or even mounted to a wall pumps out a maximum of 1500 watts of heat, easily warming a mid-sized room in under ten minutes. Safety features like illuminated switches, automatic overheat protection, and a safety switch that turns the unit off automatically when tipped over make sure that operation is safe, painless and user-friendly. An solid, durable rotary thermostat knob controls the heater core, and can be set from a minimum of 750 to the maximum 1500 watts, or even cycle between the two options. The heat regulation system adjusts the output according to temperature changes in the environment, which translates to energy conservation and savings. On the other hand, the unit lacks an auto-off feature or a timer. The Lasko 5812 will only maintain a heat output equal to that set on the dial. It may be a safer idea to warm a room at a high setting beforehand, then turn the output down or even turn the unit off than running the heater unattended. Users looking for a heater that will turn off automatically once going fast a set temperature may find other options to their liking. Another thing, the hum of the fan running inside the heater may be a bit loud for some people. It has been compared to the noise made by an air conditioning unit. Lastly, owners of the Lasko heater must remember to always clean the intake grate at the top of the unit, as it has a tendency to gather dust which blocks the flow of air into the heater. At any rate, with all its features, plus the great value for money it brings, the Lasko 5812 heater is a fine choice for home heating needs.


Crane EE6490 Personal Space Heater

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 Pros: Compact Personal Heater with 800/1200 watt capacity, Great design, Metal body stays cool, Dust filter
 Cons: No handles, thermostat, or tip-over protection, Power cord is short and may need an extension cord

Its brushed-aluminum design and center selection control striking a balance between classical and modern looks, the Crane EE6490 Personal Space Heater has solid features that place it with next-generation space heating solutions. This compact unit drives a maximum of 1200 watts of warmth and 800 watts at the low end, enough to heat up a cold space measuring about 10 feet by 10 feet. However, since it consumes less electricity than the usual, it can safely work even with the use of an extension cord, getting you more than just savings in your electric bills. Being constructed out of a metal body with PTC ceramic interiors makes Crane’s EE6490 durable and energy efficient. The sides and back of this heater manage to stay cool even while in use, while the exhaust fan, styled after those found in computer cases, operates without the audible hum that you notice from other fan-based heater models. The grate in front of the exhaust fan will get hot during use though. The Crane EE6490 Space Heater even has a convenient dust filter that easily comes off the main body for cleaning. While this model does not come with a remote control, the Crane EE6490 Personal Space heater has a larger model that has that functionality. The Crane EE6490 Personal Space Heater has no handles to hold on to, so you may need a way to grip the unit safely if you need to move it during use. This model also doesn’t have a thermostat nor tip-over shutoff protection, so keep the unit in a safe place where it’s not in danger of being knocked over. Finally, the use of the unit with extension cords was mentioned earlier because the unit’s power cord is quite short. As noted though, this heater is safe to use even with extension cords because of the low wattage. To be safe however, it may be better to keep the heat on low settings when using the unit with an extension cord.


Soleus MS09 Halogen Reflective Heater

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 Pros: Effective, Energy-saving
 Cons: Makes a ticking noise

The Soleus MS09 offers you an affordable way to enjoy the warmth. Although its timer makes a slight ticking noise that can be disturbing for those who sleep next to their heaters, it has been continuously highly rated for its efficiency and ability to stay cool while operating, making it a good choice for those with kids. It also shuts off automatically when tipped over for added protection. Compared to other heaters, this one consumes only 400 watts on low setting and 800 watts on high setting. It also has the right size that makes it portable and easy to carry and an internal oscillating engine that produces a good amount of heat and distributes it evenly. Those who are sensitive and bothered by the light should skip this product but for those of you who loves the warm glow and cozy feel and would like to invest in an effective heater that does a quick and great job, the Soleus MS09 is definitely the one to buy.


Lasko 758000 Cyclonic Ceramic Room Heater

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 Pros: Space-saving design, Easy to use, Efficient
 Cons: No automatic shut-off, Loud on the highest setting

Lasko’s 758000 provides effective heating when you need it most. The controls are clearly laid out and the illuminated display offers intuitive operation even in dark environments. Aside from the usual high and low settings on other space heaters, it also has a thermostat controlled setting which lets you adjust the temperature depending on your needs. The only negative is that it is a little loud on the highest setting but on the bright side, it heats up any room quickly and it enables you to focus the unit to a certain direction. Although it doesn’t have the ability to automatically turn off when tipped over, this cyclonic ceramic heater has a built-in safety feature which prevents it from overheating and makes it ideal for parents and pet owners. In terms of construction, it is well-built and surprisingly attractive. Most users like its stunning color and space-saving design. Given its size, it takes up less space compared to other units thus, leaving you with plenty of room to spare. You can also place it on the wall for added convenience. The Lasko 758000 is an excellent purchase for those who are in the market for an inexpensive yet high quality space heater. It boasts superior heating ability and it offers unparalleled comfort during cold nights.


Portable Heaters

Depending on where you live, you may need a portable space heater for a large or small part of the year. Either way, when you’re spending your hard earned money, you want to make sure you’re getting the absolute best. Space heaters come in different sizes, shapes and most importantly, features. Some boasts built-in safety features while others do not. At IntelliReview, we devised a unique method of picking the best items. We go through lots of reviews from many different websites. The amount of positive and negative reviews then determines the ranking of each product. By doing this, we are able to give you a true list of the top and most reliable space heaters. Our proprietary system is more accurate compared to other product review websites. We see to it that you won’t waste your precious time when searching for the best space heater to buy online. No matter what features you require, how large or small your room is or the price range you can afford, we make it easier for you to find the right one. Start browsing below to find the best deals on space heaters.

Quick Tips

  1. Space heaters come in convection-type, radiant or even fuel-powered types, but for common home use, you may want to pick from the first two, as fuel-powered heaters can pose a serious fire hazard.
  2. For more efficiency and wider coverage in room heating, models that have oscillators will do best.
  3. When it comes to heaters, safety is always a good point. Choose products that have safety shutoffs that kick in when the heater gets too hot or is knocked over.
  4. Personal heaters are an affordable solution if you only want to warm a small area of the house such as a bathroom or a bedroom.

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