Omron BP652 7 Series Blood Pressure Wrist Unit

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 Pros: Easy to use, Reliable, Two user mode, Compact
 Cons: May not be ideal for those with big wrists


The Omron BP652 is packed with everything you need to start a healthy lifestyle. First off, it is integrated with Heart Guide Technology which permits easy operation and ensures precise and reliable readings. It can likewise detect irregular heartbeat,  and has a simple and compact design which lets you use it at home or on the go. It even includes a case useful when traveling.

This Blood Pressure Monitor is not designed to take the place of your doctor or cardiologist but it offers readings which can be considered accurate, consistent and pretty much close from professional units. It fits average sized wrists measuring from 5.25″ to 8.5″ cuff size, but it may be too small for those with big wrists. It also has a large screen with a very intuitive user interface and a Two User Mode which allows you and a partner to store up to 100 readings each.

Getting an accurate reading is as easy as placing your wrist at the heart level with the help of the orange and blue indicator lights. Other features include a BP Level Indicator and Advanced Averaging which carefully measures and shows the average of the last three readings. The Omron BP652 7 Series operates with 2 triple-A batteries. It makes the unit extremely portable and it eliminates the need to bring a bulky AC adapter wherever you go. In general, it is easy to use and it offers a handy tool for monitoring your health.


Panasonic Portable Automatic Arm Blood Pressure Monitor, Model EW 3109 W

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 Pros: Accurate, Compact, Inexpensive
 Cons: No time/date stamp, No AC adapter included

Inexpensive and relatively smaller than most blood pressure monitors in the market, the Panasonic EW3109 is a must have in every home. The Flash Warning System alerts you of hypertensive readings (above 139 on Systolic or 89 Diastolic) and the Digital Filter Technology effectively eliminates factors that could lead to inaccurate measurements.The EW3109 lets you save up to 90 readings with its automatic memory feature. However, there is no date and time stamp on the saved readings, which can be confusing at times. Also, you won’t be able sync the saved readings to your PC unlike higher-priced models. On the other hand, it is very accurate and has all the basic features. It even includes a storage pouch for easy traveling and four AA alkaline batteries to get you started.

Using the Panasonic EW3109 Blood Pressure Monitor is fully automatic and the LCD display shows both the pulse rate and blood pressure. The One-Touch Auto Inflate makes it almost effortless to operate. Although the cuff can fit any arm size between 7-3/4″ to 15-3/4″(20 cm to 40cm) in circumference, it would’ve been nice if it is made larger to fit bigger arms. Also, being a power-hungry unit, it is a little disappointing that the Panasonic EW3109 doesn’t ship with an AC adapter. Luckily, you can purchase it separately. Overall, this blood pressure monitor is quite impressive for the price. It ensures comfortable readings without the sticker shock and is extremely compact thus, making it ideal for frequent travelers or those who are looking for a small yet reliable device that they can use at home.


Omron BP785 10 Series Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

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 Pros: Easy to use, Accurate, Clear display, Tru-Read function, Two User Mode, Two power options
 Cons: Short power cord, Poorly-written Instruction booklet, Tendency to lose some data when the batteries run out

For hospital-free but clinically-proven blood pressure readings and detection of irregular heartbeat or morning hypertension, the Omron BP785 is as good and as advanced as it gets.

The clear, informative and beautiful display on the BP785 is matched with buttons that add ease of use. Plus, Omron has raised the bar a notch with its two-user mode, selectable via a slide switch next to the Start/Stop button. A total of 200 readings with date and time stamps, 100 for each user, can be stored on the blood pressure monitor’s memory so you can track your readings easily and separately. A Guest mode is also featured, enabling your friends or other family members to use it without fear of losing or affecting your readings.

With the BP785’s TruRead feature, the 10 Series can take three readings consecutively and display the average. Similar to most Omron offerings, it has the same ComFit Cuff, a one-size-fits-all type of cuff, perfect for a wide range of arm sizes from 9″ to 17″. To ensure proper alignment and maximum precision, it even has a Cuff Wrap Guide Indicator that lights up when it is properly wrapped onto your arm and a Calibration Check System that double checks each reading.

While the BP785 is easy to use, the same can’t be said for its instruction booklet, which some users say is hard to understand. On the plus side, the Omron BP785 blood pressure monitor can run on either batteries or AC power compared to other monitors that can only use one or the other. It uses 4 AA batteries and includes an AC adapter. Remember to plug the device into an AC outlet before changing batteries though, as the BP785 needs a steady supply of power to keep it from losing data. The cuff and AC adapter are also both replaceable.

Another thing about the BP785: the length of the cord could also be a problem and need an extension cord unless you sit close to the wall outlet. With its 5-Year limited warranty, however, Omron truly delivers a long-lasting piece of health equipment.


Ozeri CardioTech BP3T Blood Pressure Monitor


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 Pros: Portable and easy to use blood pressure monitor, bright LCD with big digital readout, onboard memory can store up to 120 BP readings, uses 4 AAA batteries
 Cons: Power adapter not included

Hypertension or chronic high blood pressure is sometimes called a “silent killer”, and affects nearly 75 million American adults. Persons with this condition need to have their blood pressure regularly, sometimes several times a day. An accurate, portable device such as the Ozeri CardioTech BP3T Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor can be a potential lifesaver for hypertensive patients.The Ozeri CardioTech BP3T Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor is equipped with a CPU that uses an enhanced double pulse detection algorithm to accurately read the patient’s pulse rate. A big, bright blue LCD with a large digital readout lets users see readings at a glance, even those with vision difficulties, and it can store up to 120 BP readings with timestamps for two users in its onboard memory (60 X 2 users). Users can select which profile they want to save to using a slider switch.

With the Ozeri BP3T’s easy one-step operation, users can now take their measurements themselves instead of asking another person to do it for them. The cuff on this blood pressure monitor inflates automatically and takes readings at the same time while controlling the amount of inflation to keep the user comfortable. Visual warnings will alert the user if his or her readings indicate a sensitive condition like hypertension or irregular heart rate (Arrhythmia) based on the monitor’s readings. Users can switch between kPa (metric units) and mmHg (English units) during the BP3T’s initial setup.

Because it is designed to be a portable device, the Ozeri CardioTech BP3T Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor uses 4 AAA batteries instead of AC power. This may or may not be an issue for some people; fortunately, you can buy a separate AC adapter to supplement the battery power. Also, the cuff that comes with the unit fits most people, but those with large arms may find it small for their needs.

 Note: Individual results may vary. 

Blood Pressure Monitors

Monitoring their blood pressure is important not only for those with heart and health problems but also for many different people who’d like to keep track of their health. With the introduction of compact blood pressure monitors, you can now do it in the comfort of your own home. If you have a partner who’d like to do the same, you might also want to consider getting something that has a larger memory capacity for two users.

To help choose the right blood pressure monitor, we have put together a list of clinically proven and reliable blood pressure monitors. We search the Internet high and low for reviews on various products and rank them according to the amount of positive and negative reviews. From price to features to how large the numbers on the display are, we understand that there are a lot of things that you need to think about, which is why we also include the pros, cons, and reviews for many models.

No matter how large or how compact and whatever type of blood pressure monitor you want, we can help. And when you can browse only the very best items, you can save time and concentrate on things like price and features, instead of going over countless reviews on your own.

Quick Tips

  1. Blood pressure monitors come in models for your upper arm, wrist and even fingertips. The upper arm models offer the greatest accuracy, although they may be a little unwieldy to use.
  2. A blood pressure monitor that has onboard memory can keep track of readings over time. Some advanced models even allow you to print data or export data via a USB connection.
  3. Several models draw power from batteries, but since batteries lose power over time, the results that you get may not be that accurate. For better reliability, models with AC adapters should be considered.
  4. Look at blood pressure monitors with extra cuff size if you have large arms.