You need to take your baby out with you for a walk, but what happens when you need to go running? Or what if you have twins? That’s why it’s great to have a variety of strollers. Moms will love the wide selection of strollers out there.



  • Jogging Stroller: These strollers are great if you wanted to go running while keeping your baby by your side. However, if your baby is under six months old, this kind of stroller is not the best fit. You’ll want your baby safe and a different option might be in you and your baby’s best interest. The jogging stroller has a front wheel that you’ll want to lock while running. The stroller won’t turn suddenly and you won’t crash or fall. Many of these strollers come with a basket underneath and several holders for your belongings. Pack everything you’ll need with you and be sure to always be in control of your stroller. 
  • Dual Strollers: Perfect for twins or if you have both an infant and a toddler. Many come with tops that will cover their heads and protect them from the rain. You do have to keep in mind that your children will be growing and changing, so while this stroller may last for your infant, it may not last as long for your toddler. Of course, if you have twins, this stroller should be fine. 
  • Umbrella Stroller: This kind is just like it sounds. It will protect your baby from the rain and a bit of harsh weather if need be. They come in a variety of different colors and even have a twin edition available, which is similar to the dual stroller. In your umbrella stroller, you’ll be able to take your baby to the mall or short trips on daily errands. They are lightweight and compact and are easy to handle, much like the standard stroller. Some have reclining seats as well, suitable for toddlers. 
  • Lightweight Strollers: These might have started with the umbrella strollers, but they have come a long way since. They have many features of larger strollers, only they are easier for travel and quick trips that you might want to take your baby, to the mall or zoo. Many of them are twenty pounds or less. You can also fit this kind of stroller in a trunk with no problems and it won’t take up much space. 
  • Travel System Strollers (Stroller and Car Seat): These strollers make it convenient for you and your baby to switch gears. It is a combined stroller and car seat. When deciding on a travel system, make sure you like the car seat first because that will ultimately keep your baby safe in your vehicle. Then pick the stroller to go with it. Consider the size and where you would like to take your baby because some new parents feel that buying the car seat separate from the stroller may be a better option for them and their new baby. Cramped spaces are harder to fit large strollers and some new parents may not like that.


Features to Consider

Some things are worth thinking over when deciding on a stroller. Here are a few to think about when you want what’s best for you and your baby.

  • Size: Where will you be taking your baby? Wherever you go, consider staying away from cars as much as you can. If you’re going on a small trip to the mall or zoo or somewhere else like that, you’ll want a stroller that’s small in size and convenient to handle. If you need to drive, definitely get a car seat. That will be your baby’s first line of defense, once strapped in. Do you need to navigate around cramped areas? Compact strollers would be best for these situations.
  • Sunshade/Rain Cover: Not all strollers have these, but you can buy them separately and attach them if you would like. They will be great to keep your child protected from the rain or the heat. A block from the sun’s rays is just what your baby needs on particularly sunny days.
  • Separate Car Seat: While some new parents like the travel system strollers, some opt for the separate choice. This is one way parents can create their own system, created by pairing up the car seat and stroller of their choice. The only caution would be that sometimes different brands don’t snap together in place. Jogging strollers don’t always fold into the trunk space as well as other strollers.
  • Cup Holders: If you had a cup of coffee that you wanted to bring along, you can. Consider adding cup holders to your stroller to make your experience a bit more pleasant.
  • Undercarriage Storage: Some strollers include a basket underneath or some sort of undercarriage storage for your personal belongings. Definitely consider storage when deciding on your purchase. Your trip will require you to carry less in your hands or nothing at all with the storage option added on to your stroller.