Story Behind IntelliReview

Once Upon a Time


As with most great stories, this one starts with someone's baby daughter. In this story, that someone is me, the founder of The site started with my desire to buy the best for my daughter when she was miraculously brought into my life. Her birth quickly led to the question of the best way to find the "best" items for her.


When I browsed and tried to sort by average rating, I was shown five-star products, but many of them only had one or two reviews. I quickly began to wonder if those few reviews could really be trusted or not. I understood that no product is going to be perfect for everyone, but the system I saw seemed flawed and I wondered if I was really seeing the best products Amazon had to offer.


If these products had more reviews, most would slip below the coveted five-star rating, I thought. I stopped searching and began to let the problem simmer in my mind. Knowing that reviews and reviewers themselves are very subjective, I set out to find a way to browse through the hundreds of reviews for each product and use that information to collect a best of the best list that incorporates our proprietary formula that rates every item.


The Eureka Moment


A while later, while I was searching for baby bathtubs I noticed that some products maintained a 4.0 or 4.5 star rating (out of five) even though they had collected hundreds of reviews. They had somehow stood the test of time and still were shining brightly, even with hundreds of very subjective and different reviewers. I knew I was onto something. If the tubs I saw had high stars after so many reviews, they were most likely superior products that would be worthy of being recommended to others.


I used this logic to return to baby toys. I wanted to find a way to easily and quickly find the items that had hundreds of reviews and still had a high star rating. With the goal in mind, I set out to build With a software process that scours for the products with the most high reviews and lets you sift through the "best of the best" easily, I am now well beyond finding baby toys for my daughter. This is good news for you, however, because you can get the same great results that I do when I search for things to buy online.


Today, I hope to help other parents and people from all walks of life find the best products that have withstood the test of many reviews. This helps weed out items that may have only one or two high reviews that don't accurately reflect the product. With, I'm well on my way to helping people all over the world search smarter at and other stores as well.


The Future of Consumer Review Websites is far from being complete. This website is just the beginning. As I continue to offer people a way to find the best possible products available, I will be striving toward making the website even better for you. Not one to rest on my laurels, be assured that I'm hard at work behind the scenes tweaking and optimizing the entire website. I want you to be happy and become a part of the story.


It has been an amazing journey so far, but I believe the best is ahead of me, and you, as this website continues to improve, making your shopping experience online easier. In today's economy, getting the most for your money is important - whether it's for your baby daughter or yourself. This website is my attempt to help myself (and the world) find the very best products for the money.