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E1649FWU Black 16" Widescreen LED Monitor (1366x768, 16 ms)

IntelliRating: 4.5 stars
Pros: USB Monitor, Needs no external power supply, Lightweight and Portable, Accelerometer automatically shifts display between portrait and landscape orientation
Cons: No built-in controls, Tight USB port location, Screen is glossy and will be a fingerprint magnet

Review: A multi-monitor setup is a great way to enhance productivity at work, but is there a way to do that during field work? Really, who wants to go through the trouble of carting a second monitor around and risk damaging it? Tablets aren't really an option, considering that very few models can function as a second screen to another device, and even then, needs the tablet to be the primary screen. Fortunately, the rush towards portable electronics has produced an interesting solution to the problem with the AOC E1649FWU Widescreen LED USB monitor. Unlike conventional monitors that have power and input cords that connect them to a computer system, the AOC E1649FWU only needs a single USB cord working as both power and input. This ease of setup, combined with the 16-inch screen with 1366 X 768 resolution that's only a little bigger than a tablet, makes this monitor the perfect companion on business trips. Best of all, since it uses a TFT LCD screen, the AOC E1649FWU has a very small power draw at eight watts not to mention being lightweight. LED monitors are known for excellent color reproduction and response time, and the AOC E1649FWU is no exception. The color intensity of the AOC E1649FWU equal those of standard LED monitors, in addition to a brightness rating of 200 cd/m2, a 500:1 contrast ratio, and 5-millisecond response time - an entirely adequate rating for ordinary business users who aren't looking for the full HD experience. Even so, the white LEDs powering the screen of the device are powerful enough to show brilliant images and even movies. Considering that the monitor only runs off a single USB connection, the picture quality it is able to provide is exceptional. In place of a foot-style base that latches to the bottom of the monitor, the AOC E1649FWU has a stand at the back of the unit that wings out, similar to those found on picture frames. Just like a picture frame, the stand holds up the monitor in either portrait or landscape orientation; the display will adjust accordingly thanks to its internal accelerometer and the device driver. The stand is attached to the back of the unit to eliminate any worries about it being lost, and folds flush against the back of the unit. Rubber feet around the screen provide a steady, stable grip on any surface, which translates to the unit maintaining its viewing angle. The AOC E1649FWU Widescreen LED USB monitor could be the mobile worker's new best friend, but it could be a better product, given a few improvements. To begin with, the E1649FWU has no built-in controls, and all adjustments to image quality will have to be done using the computer driving the display. Also, the USB connection on the monitor is a little tight, forcing the cord into a right angle; this could cause the cord to wear out prematurely. The screen is glossy and could be a fingerprint magnet in addition to reflecting a lot of light. All things considered however, the AOC E1649FWU Widescreen LED USB Monitor is a great addition to anyone's productivity suite.

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