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Navigator Lift-Away Professional Plus Upright Vacuum Silver

IntelliRating: 5 stars
Pros: Two-in-one vacuum cleaner, High suction power with dust-buildup prevention, HEPA filter built in
Cons: Small attachments make for slightly longer cleaning times and unit prone to tipping over, no extension tool

Review: Just like its namesake, the Shark Navigator Professional Lift-Away Vacuum Cleaner is a genuine eating machine that gobbles up dirt and dust inside your home instead of fish and the occasional hapless swimmer in open water. The compact size of this canister vacuum conceals the fact that it is capable of amazing suction power, enough to lift the most tenacious of dirt particles across a variety of surfaces. The Shark Navigator Vacuum Cleaner uses "cyclonic" technology inside the canister, drawing airborne particles away from building up inside the filters as well as putting less stress on the motor. This results in Aside from having washable filters, the sealed HEPA Filtration system built into the Shark Navigator traps dust and allergens inside the canister instead of out into the air you breathe. The body of the vacuum has swivel wheels, adding to the portability that the compact size of the vacuum brings. As with other vacuum cleaners, the Shark Navigator comes with a set of attachments for different cleaning purposes. It has a hard floor attachment that dusts and vacuums in one sweep, one specifically designed for pet hair, and an extra-long crevice tool for those hard to reach areas like wall-and-ceiling junctions. It lacks an extension tool though, so faraway corners are harder to clean. Easily the best thing about the Navigator is found within its body. Instead of having a single-body construction like other vacuums, the Navigator can detach from the floor unit and operate as a handheld vacuum, effectively giving you two devices in one. Add to that the swivel steering in the floor unit when the vacuum is docked with it, and you have a very mobile device that you can take anywhere cleaning is needed. It may not have the same level of renown as other vacuum brands, but what the Shark Navigator Professional Lift-Away Vacuum Cleaner lacks in name recall, it more than makes up in performance. However, there are some issues with the vacuum that hold it back a bit. To begin with, the attachments that come with the Navigator are a little undersized, probably to cut down on the weight of the unit. This results in the vacuum being a little susceptible to tipping over, especially when docked with the floor unit, as well as taking more passes to clean a surface, as is the case with the hard floor attachment. The lack of the extension tool is of course, another issue as well. Finally, the latches holding down the main unit have a tendency to come loose over time due to the pressure from the suction.

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