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H800 Headset (Stereo - Black - Wireless - Bluetooth - 39.4 ft - Over-the-head - Binaural - Ear-cup - Noise Cancelling Microphone)

IntelliRating: 4.5 stars
Pros: Good range and clarity, Easy setup, Foldable
Cons: Cheap construction

Review: The Logitech H800 Bluetooth wireless headset lets you avoid the dreaded, unmanageable wires and walk comfortably up to 12 m or 40 ft. without losing signal. Armed with laser-tuned drivers and a built-in equalizer, the quality of sound is crystal clear and deemed ideal for general use. You can use this lightweight, comfortable-to-wear headset for gaming, music listening or for making phone and conference calls. It is compatible with PCs, tablets and smartphones, and works smoothly with popular applications like Skype, Yahoo Messenger and Google Hangouts. The noise-canceling microphone picks up less noise, offering good clarity. The boom is adjustable so you can listen to music without any hassle and easily pull down the microphone when you need to answer a call. It is even made foldable for easy storage. On-ear controls allow easy switching and volume adjustment. The Logitech H800 seems like a sweet deal. It is a wonderful device with just a few annoyances. The headset is not too bulky and can be worn comfortably even on extended periods but ear foams may wear out fast. Unfortunately, there is no way to replace it as it is glued to the device. The headset feels a little fragile too. On the other hand, achieving the perfect fit is not that difficult. Setup is also straight forward, using the tiny receiver which has the same size as Logitech’s unifying receiver. When used with tablets and smartphones, the headset connects via Bluetooth. A 1.2 m or 3.94 ft USB cable is included for charging purposes. Potential users should know that the Logitech H800 boasts a 6-hour battery life. It needs to be charged between uses if you'd like to be more productive or if you plan on working long hours each day.

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