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C525 Webcam - Black - USB 2.0 - 1 Packs (8 Megapixel Interpolated - 1280 x 720 Video - Auto-focus - Widescreen - Microphone)

IntelliRating: 5 stars
Pros: 720p HD recording, Autofocus and Auto Image Correction, 360-degree field of rotation on base
Cons: Shifting between square and widescreen when recording video not possible, Video has motion blur effect, Mounting system may require the webcam to be in a fixed location

Review: Video quality is very important to webcam users, especially if they use the devices to talk to family and friends over the Internet. While any ordinary webcam may be able to capture standard-definition video however, the results are often average at best, and disappointing at the worst. To get the best in webcam video, an HD-capable device such as the Logitech HD Webcam C525 is a definite must-have. The Logitech C525 may appear to be a run-of-the-mill webcam, but behind the ordinary looks, this webcam delivers impressive image quality both static and moving. Video calling and recording appears excellent with 720p quality; translated to snapshots, the C525 likewise dazzles with crystal-clear 8-megapixel resolution. The C525 is also capable of shifting between SD and HD recording, as well as between square and widescreen aspect ratios. What's more, the Logitech C525 is also equipped with several smart features that add to the high-definition experience. Unlike other webcams, the Logitech C525 has an autofocus feature that keep things in sharp focus all the time, even when placed directly in front of the camera lens. Alternatively, you can even set it to face tracking and have it follow your movements automatically. It has an auto lighting correction system, which adjusts images to compensate for both under- and over-lit conditions. This makes both your video and your snapshots look more natural and with better color. Lastly, considering that the C525 is designed for social networking applications, that is, IM programs, the inclusion of a microphone to the unit is a nice touch. The base of the Logitech C525 has some clever tricks of its own. First, the main body of the webcam can pivot on the base with a full 360-degree field of rotation, so you can see behind the webcam easily. Second, the base also serves as the C525's holding case. Simply turn the camera in, and fold it up into the base, turning the unit into a compact size that you can easily slip into your bag or purse without fear of the parts breaking off. The extra-long USB cable also allows the webcam to turn freely while preventing tangles and snags from happening. Although the Logitech HD Webcam C525 can capture video in both normal and widescreen, you can only choose one or the other when recording, as doing so will cut the recording process off. Some users also noted that while the C525 does indeed capture HD video, the results appear to have a mild motion blur effect instead of being truly crystal-clear. Finally, the Logitech C525's unique mounting system has the webcam simply sliding onto the top of your monitor instead of clipping on, which may present a challenge if you use a laptop and need to move around, as the webcam may fall off.

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