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Amigo II TBS-1155 Sound Card (USB)

IntelliRating: 4.5 stars
Pros: Small, Plug-n-play installation, Improved audio quality, No drivers required, Affordable
Cons: Blue indicator light blinks constantly, Actual color is slightly different than advertised

Review: The Turtle Beach Amigo II serves many important functions for such a small device. It makes a cheap replacement to your computer’s broken audio jacks or horrible integrated sound card, and a quick solution to your computer’s lack of audio ports. Having a headphone output and a mic input, you can listen to music via external speakers or headphones without the humming, static or clicking sound, or record and communicate with family, friends and colleagues more effectively. Sound quality also appears to be improved and louder when using a USB sound adapter like the Amigo II. It owes its enhanced sound quality to its USB digital connection which drops all the unwanted noise caused by other electronics. The improvement in sound may not be noticeable when using cheap speakers and headphones but it is very evident when used with high-end audio equipment. Enjoying high-quality audio is as easy as plugging the device to your computer’s USB port and connecting your headphones or speakers. No additional drivers are required since it is completely plug-n-play and it works perfectly with various operating systems. The lack of software, however, means that you can’t use the equalizer or choose between multiple effects. With regards to construction, the Turtle Beach Amigo II looks very solid, not to mention, extremely portable. You can easily place it into a small pocket, without worrying that it might break or damage the connector. The device is coupled with a few quibbles though that doesn’t really affect its functionality but can be annoying to some users. These minor annoyances include its blue indicator light that blinks constantly and its actual color which is slightly different than advertised. That said, don’t be surprised if the Amigo II is lighter in color, contrary to what’s shown in most of the product’s photos.

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