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Irons Steam Iron

IntelliRating: 4.5 stars
Pros: Lots of steam
Cons: Heavy, Cord is not retractable

Review: The Black & Decker F67E is highly recommended for those who dread ironing or those who don't want to pay extra for a bunch of features that they'll never get to use. It utilizes the classic design found on older irons along with a steam function which puts out a good amount of steam and a SmartTemp light which indicates activity. Although it doesn't have a retractable cord like modern irons, it has a pivoting cord that doesn't get in the way. It also sports an aluminum soleplate that offers smooth gliding. . The Black & Decker F67E lets you adjust its temperature, depending on the kind of fabric you're ironing. It has a hole in the center for pouring water and an anti-drip system which ensures that there are absolutely no leaks. In case you were in a hurry and forgot to turn it off, you don't need to panic because the F67E has a 3-way auto-shut off safety feature that automatically switches the iron off after eight minutes in vertical position and 30 seconds in its heel rest and side position. Due to its weight, it gets a little tiring to hold. Fortunately, its comfortable, well-designed handle that is essential for long hours of usage eases the work. While there are feature-packed and newer irons available in the market, the Black & Decker F67E stands out for its outstanding performance. It is reasonably priced and in fact, one of the best when it comes to quality and reliability.

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