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06800 Stovetop Coffee Maker (6 Cup, Black)

IntelliRating: 5 stars
Pros: Italian, eight sides, simple to use
Cons: Must pour coffee into cup

Review: Affordable and easy to operate, the Bialetti 06800 Stovetop Coffee Maker is sure to give you that dash of Italian in your espresso every morning. In fact, many Italians love their stovetop style coffee makers. As part of the Italian coffee tradition, this maker comes in an eight-side coffee pot design. To use, all you have to do is fill the lower chamber with water and the filter with ground espresso. Put it on the stove and let cook until the water boils. After it is done cooking to your satisfaction, you just have to pour it into a cup and your espresso is ready! This maker is a maker and grinder. The machine is black and holds up to six cups, weighing 1.55 lbs. Sit back, smell the coffee, and relax.

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