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QuietComfort 20i Apple Black In-Ear Headphones - 718839-0010

IntelliRating: 5 stars
Pros: Effective noise-cancellation, Secure fit, Great battery life
Cons: Expensive, Short cable length, Twisted cable

Review: Being the first Bose in-ear headphones that have active noise cancellation, the QuietComfort 20 sets a new benchmark. It can easily be considered as one of the most effective in-ear pair in the market today and a real step up in terms of sound quality and comfort. The QuietComfort 20’s ability to reduce unwanted noise, often caused by machines or public transportation, justifies paying a premium and makes it perfect for commuters and travelers. You can now enjoy pure music, listen to podcasts or watch movies without any disturbances. With just a single press, users can also activate the earphones’ aware mode which gives instant access to the outside world. This aforementioned feature is extremely useful as it negates the constant need to pause your music and take the headphones out of your ear. Sound quality is downright impressive, having superb clarity and rich bass that works great for all music genres. Designed for both iOS and Android users, it comes in two varieties. The QuietComfort 20 is made primarily for Windows-based, Blackberry and Android devices while the QuietComfort 20i works flawlessly with Apple devices. Unlike most noise cancelling earphones, it has a great battery life. It could last up to 16 hours and can be recharged through a micro USB port using the supplied USB cable. Although slimmer and smaller compared to others, its rectangular power brick, located near the headphone jack, can be cumbersome to hold. There are LED indicators, as well as an on and off switch, in the battery compartment. A microphone, a cloth clip and an inline remote control are also found along the cable. The Bose QuietComfort 20 offers a fairly comfortable and secure fit with its 3 pairs of StayHear+ tips, and no-fuss storage with the included zippered carrying case. We're inclined to agree that the twisted black and white cable looks cheap though. The length of the cable is on the short side too.

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