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HERO4 Silver Action Camera - CHDHY-401

IntelliRating: 5 stars
Pros: Great photo and video quality, Built-in touchscreen, Lots of video options
Cons: Poor battery life, No zoom capability

Review: Outdoor activities and extreme sports such as wakeboarding, skiing, hiking, biking and diving require a tough, high speed camera. Capable of capturing 12 MP images at 30 frames per second and shooting 1080p60, 960p100, 720p120 or even 4K videos, the GoPro HERO4 Silver is perfect for recording live action. It is packed with all the features you have come to love from GoPro cameras but with the addition of a touchscreen display which makes it great for everyday use too. The rear screen proves to be incredibly useful when reviewing shots or fiddling with the camera’s different settings. As advertised, the camera is capable of wide-angle shots and has lots of resolution and frame-rate options. Video and photo quality is considerably better, compared to its predecessors. Although it is not totally crippled by the lack of zoom capability, we must admit that GoPro should include a decent zoom in its future models. The GoPro HERO4 Silver is not waterproof out of the box. A housing must be purchased additionally to make it waterproof up to 131’ or 40m. Ideal for outdoor sports, GoPro goes a step beyond the basics, offering compatibility with different types of mounts and accessories. A Smart Remote which lets you control your camera, even if you are 600’ or 180m away, is also available. For vacation trips and long shooting sessions, purchasing and carrying extra batteries is highly recommended as this camera’s battery life is not that great. Despite a few minor flaws, the GoPro HERO4 Silver beats the rest when it comes to toughness and versatility. Users can also expect a hassle-free connection as it features built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The GoPro App not only allows for easy social media sharing or posting, it also turns your devices into your very own remote. With Protune for photo + video, the GoPro HERO4 Silver is bound to satisfy both novices and experienced shooters, giving them the freedom to adjust exposure, ISO Limit, white balance and other settings. Aside from Night Photo and Night Lapse, it even features HiLight Tag which acts like a bookmark and Time Lapse mode which enables you to create short yet stunning videos.

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