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EOS 70D Black SLR Digital Camera Body Only (20.2 MP, SD Card Slot)

IntelliRating: 5 stars
Pros: Great low light performance, Solid construction, Fast focus, Long battery life
Cons: No dedicated video button, No GPS

Review: Equally solid but smaller than most DSLRs, the Canon EOS 70D could be a game changer. Build quality remains excellent, although the body is not made from magnesium alloy. The camera has a solid feel and weighs 755g with battery attached. The redesigned buttons take a while to get used to but the 3.0-inch flip out screen effectively compensates. It has good responsiveness, similar to smartphones, and it greatly improves operation, allowing you to review images, zoom and change angles or settings with simple strokes. The Canon EOS 70D’s picture quality and low light ability are both exceptional. You can expect high quality stills and outstanding noise reduction at higher ISOs. Moreover, it boasts superior autofocus and can capture shots faster than previous models. High-speed continuous shooting is rated at 7.0 shots/sec. while low speed and silent continuous shooting are both rated at 3.0 shots/sec. The swivel screen with touch-to-focus capability is handy for stills and videos as it enables you to effortlessly focus and track moving subjects. With regards to video quality, it is above average. The absence of a dedicated video button is an unwelcome surprise though. Shifting between stills and movies can be time-consuming to say the least, as it can only be done by flipping a switch and using live view mode. The Canon EOS 70D lacks GPS, found on other Canon models, but features built-in Wi-Fi for total convenience. You can easily transfer shots and use your smartphone or tablet as a remote. Whether you want to purchase the camera body only or with kit lens, you can freely do so. Aside from the camera itself, the package also contains a battery pack LP-E6, a battery charger, a power cord, a USB cable, a wide strap and an EOS DIGITAL Solution Disk. Battery life is quite long and a battery grip can even be bought separately. It allows you to use two LP-E6 batteries, giving you all the power you need to survive long shooting sessions. With a single charge, you can squeeze in up to 920 shots using the viewfinder or up to 210 shots with live view. The Canon EOS 70D is compatible with a variety of lenses, from professional to cheaper lenses. With its great flexibility and host of new, useful features, it could be the next best thing to a full frame camera.

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