Whether you are a first time buyer or looking for a replacement it is always wise to review a major purchase beforehand. Your kitchen appliances are no different. When looking for a food processor there are a few things thing to keep in mind while shopping. There are two main types of food processors and the one you decide on will basically come down to need and space.



  • Manual Mini Food Processor: These are basically pretty self explanatory devices. They are smaller and the only motor they have is you. They are manual. Usually these are uses for shredding or grinding small spices, fresh coffees, or individual vegetables such as onions and garlic. They are not intended for larger projects such as mixes or batters.
  • Counter Top Food Processors: Being that most food processor purchased because it can do the above actions and then some. However, space is an issue as these usually tend to not break down for easier storage. However, these counter top food processors can be used for batters, mixes, bread dough and even vegetable juices.


Features to Consider

There are five important features you will want to consider when searching for a new food processor. They are listed in no specific order; just ensure you consider them all before buying. This will ensure that you get the one right for your situation and needs.

  • Safety: Safety is the first aspect to investigate. If you have children in the home there are some very important features available to you. A locking lid; this ensures the blades do not move unless the lid is locked properly in place. Storage of the blades; some even offer an onboard storage for the blades themselves that also locks to ensure unwanted fingers and do not enter.
  • Speed: A pulse button is a great option for those foods that do not require a lot of initial processing. A typical counter top processor will have several different speed variations to accommodate the avid culinary expert or beginner.
  • Capacity: There are quite a few discrepancies in this area. The cup capacity can go anywhere from 3 cups to 14 cups. A good key point to keep in mind is it is always good practice to overestimate the capacity you will need. However when doing this remember the larger capacity you have the larger storage space you will need. Some of these appliances can definitely take up much needed counter top space.
  • Attachments: Making sure you get what you need and not pay for what you don’t is a good point here to remember. There are many models now that offer bonuses or additional attachments that you may never need or use but you will definitely pay extra for them. There are now models available also that offer a food processor and blender in one, only changing the top piece out will give you the appliance you are seeking. Watch the type of blades that are included; grater, shredder, chopper and mixer are the basic ones included with each one.
  • Cleanup: This is a never ending vicious cycle; the cleanup. You will want to look for dishwasher safe parts and easily removable parts and blades to make this job easier. Just make sure in the process you are verifying the blades are dishwasher safe and not just the housing.