When setting up a home office, a business or even a study area for personal use one thing you will want to invest in is a good set of speakers. There are several different types on the market and they seem to be upgrading every other month. One thing to remember is that all computer speakers are ranked on a basic numeric scale [XX.XX] for all. The numbers before the decimal represent how many satellites are associated with it and the numbers after the decimal represent the amount of subwoofers.



  • 2.0: This is the basic 2 speakers, no subwoofers. They plug direct into the computer system and take up virtually no space at all. Priced minimally, these speakers are what you pay for. They offer only the bare minimum quality of sound and little more.
  • 2.1: This particular system consists of 2 speakers and 1 subwoofer. While these still offer the space saving option they offer little more than that. The sound quality is only slightly more mature than with a 2.0 system. Owners of the 2.1 mostly own these for listening to music or YouTube videos.
  • 5.1: Now you are researching higher technology when you are interested in 5 satellite speakers and 1 subwoofer. This represents the basic surround sound system used in homes nationwide. It has a multiple channel output which allows your movie, video, gaming and music sessions to be near flawless.
  • 7.1: This setup is near the top in excellence right now. It consists of 7 satellite speakers and 1 subwoofer. The 7.1 output is at its best and has surpassed the technological expectations for it as well. They actually offer prime audio surround sound for any person willing to pay the price for them. These systems generally start in the price range of $300.


Features to Consider

Every consumer is different, which only means each one is looking for a different specific feature. Here are some important features to watch for regardless of what type of computer speakers you are in search of.

  • Don’t go overboard: The most common type of speaker being used is the 2.1 because music is recorded in stereo it only required 2 speakers to acquire the best sound. Since most of the general population purchase speakers for this purpose do not over buy.
  • Evaluate your space: Making sure you have enough room to house the subwoofer is very important. In general they are not enormous; however they will be larger than the speakers themselves. Most of the time the subwoofer can sit under the desk and be inconspicuous there.
  • Check the wattage and know what you need:The wattage is actually the sum total of the wattage that each speaker will utilize. If you are in a small space or if you are only using the speakers for music; then a 2.1 setup will probably work just fine for you.
  • Movies and Games: If the main purpose for obtaining speakers is to enhance your movie watching or gaming then a 5.1 system will probably benefit you more. The 5 satellites working in conjunction with each other produce a more realistic sound. This is a bigger system so having ample room is also going to be a concern.