Power of IntelliReview

High Rating + High Number of Reviews = Best Products

We discover the products people feel passionate about.


Congratulations, you have chosen the intelligent method of purchasing consumer products.


Simply put, High Consumer Rating + High Number of Reviews = Best Products. By giving you the review rating AND the number of reviews easily, you can jump right to the best of the best, leveraging the power of a large group of people. Looking for the best price instead, you can filter by price as well, adding another level of 'targeting' to let you quickly find what you need.

We use a unique algorithm that picks the products that are "voted" the best by consumers. Without going into too much detail, the system narrows in on items that have a lot of positive reviews. By selecting and showing only items that have a certain number of reviews, IntelliReview allows you to quickly see some of the best products being sold - in a lot of different categories.



Overwhelmed With Choices


Shopping on the Internet has come a long way over the years, but it can still sometimes be a little overwhelming when you're faced with hundreds and thousands of products and reviews. Who has the time to read through all those to find the very best? Besides, that, there's the question of "trusting" a rating with just one person voting and reviewing the product. What if there was a better way to deal with all the options and cut straight to the good items?


Using IntelliReview's proprietary algorithm, you can quickly "zero in" on just products that have multiple positive reviews. This cuts through a lot of clutter. With just a few more options at your fingertips, you can quickly find the best of the best without wasting time. At the core is the ability to just deal with products that have multiple reviews - highly recommended products.


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