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What is IntelliReview?


IntelliReview is all about finding the top products that are getting tons of rave reviews. These products have tons of happy owners that love their product enough to take the time to write a review. Our unique algorithm finds the must-have products that a certain threshold of people recommend - you can change the options.


How does IntelliReview work?


Simply put, IntelliReview counts positive reviews as happy customers and negative reviews as unhappy customers. With that information, they rank items based on the number of happy customers, the number of unhappy customers, and how long the product has been available.


Why not just sort by average customer rating?


Sorting by average customer rating is misleading. At the top of the list are new or unpopular products that have 5-stars but very few reviews. However, some of the best products that have hundreds of reviews have 4 or 4.5 stars due to a few bad reviews. IntelliReview adds a layer to the search that makes sure you're seeing the best of the best.


How often is IntelliReview updated?


Product ranking is updated monthly and we are constantly creating new IntelliReview summaries. Working in association with Amazon and PriceGrabber, IntelliReview receives our data direct from our sources.


Did you really read all 639 reviews?


Does anyone have that much time? Seriously, we try to read as many reviews that we feel is necessary to get a sense of the overall thoughts about the product. Beyond that, we also use semantic technology to intelligently find certain qualities or issues that people have had. So, for example, you may find a product where 80% of the people liked the image quality, but 8% of them complained about battery life being short. As you can see, we read both the positive and negative reviews, with more consideration given to reviews that have been marked as helpful by others.


Where can I find more reviews?


  • Consumer Reports has been testing and reviewing products since 1936. They have a wide selection of reviews, including major home appliances like dishwashers. Consumer Reports charges a membership subscription of $26 per year.


  • Consumer Search describes their service as "Reviewing the Reviews." They determine the experts and then choose the best products from the experts' reviews.


  • PriceGrabber contains user reviews, expert reviews, and prices from different vendors.


  • Amazon has over a million products and millions of customer reviews.


Questions or comments?


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