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Top Wireless Keyboards by Consumer Reviewers

When it comes to wireless keyboards, there are quite a few options to choose from. From brand names to features that they include, there is a lot to consider. Features like multimedia keys, comfortable wrist pads, recharageble batteries and ergonomic design are present in some models. One thing you shouldn't worry about is getting the best deal. Here at IntelliReview, we have done the hard and time-consuming process of scouring multiple websites for both positive and negative reviews. We then calculate all of this data and give you a reliable list of the top wireless keyboards. In addition to the review, we also highlight the pros and cons for each model in order to help you make an informed decision. Whatever reason you need a wireless keyboard for, saving money and getting a high quality product are important. At IntelliReview, you can browse the best. From keyboard and mouse combos to mini-keyboards to full size ergonomic wireless keyboards, we have you covered. Our proprietary system of classifying items allows you to save time by cutting out the step where you have to read hundreds of reviews on your own and keep track of them.

Ranking Updated: August 2016
  1. Since wireless keyboards use an independent power source instead of drawing power from the CPU, consider models that can use rechargeable batteries or have an installed rechargeable battery system to save money. In addition, you may want to go for keyboards that have an actual power switch so you can turn the unit off when not in use.
  2. For security, get models that support AES, or Advanced Encryption Standard.
  3. Some specific keyboard models, like Logitech's diNovo mini series, can be used on other devices like home theater systems or game consoles.
  4. Backlighted wireless keyboards can also complement home theater setups, since the backlight makes them easy to use even in dark environments and low-lit situations.
  • K400 Keyboard (Wireless Connectivity - RF - USB InterfaceTouchPad - Compatible with Computer - Mute, Volume Down, Volume Up, Home Screen Hot Keys)

    Pros: Lightweight, Sturdy, Good range, Matte finish, Built-in touchpad
    Cons: Smaller keys, Not backlit, Bad placement of right shift key

    Review: ifically designed for Windows 8, the Logitech K400 enables users of the said operating system to enjoy dedicated buttons that aim to enhance user experience. These buttons include a Start key, an App Switching FN key and four other keys on the top part of the keyboard that acts as a shortcut to Search, Share, Devices and Settings. Media hot keys are also provided, as well as a 3.5-inch responsive touchpad, thus, making it a perfect pair for your home theater PC or living room. Playing, pausing and even adjusting volume is as easy as lifting a finger and you can do all these at an amazing distance of 10 m or 33 ft, thanks to Logitech’s Advanced 2.4 GHz wireless technology. The built-in multi-touch touchpad has left and right buttons that makes it a solid replacement to your bulky mouse. The Logitech K400 also features a no-driver setup, only requiring users to plug the Logitech Unifying receiver into a USB port. A storage slot conveniently holds the USB dongle when not in use and an on and off button helps in saving and extending battery life. Due to the smaller-than-average form factor though, the keys are made smaller, requiring some adjustment period for those who are used to a full sized keyboard. The keys are not backlit and the right shift key is also oddly placed. These nitpicks doesn’t make the keyboard handicapped but may come across as a minor annoyance to some users. However, once you get used to the layout of the keyboard, the minor issues can quickly be overlooked, especially given its design and overall functionality. The Logitech K400 is compact and lightweight, easily fitting onto cramped spaces or on your lap. In addition to its already space-saving form factor, users are provided the added option to store it vertically to save more space. The keyboard accomplishes all these without feeling flimsy or too cheap. Truth be told, the K400 seems very sturdy and high quality, and the keyboard sports an anti-fingerprint, matte finish that makes it even more attractive.

  • MK520 Keyboard and Mouse (USB Wireless RF Keyboard - USB Wireless RF Mouse - Laser - Scroll Wheel)
  • Wireless Wave Combo MK550 (USB Wireless RF Keyboard - 117 Key - USB Wireless RF Mouse - Laser - Scroll Wheel - Email, Internet Key Hot Keys - AA)

    Pros: Quiet keys, Padded wrist pad, Excellent battery life, Tiny receiver, Ergonomic design
    Cons: F keys are grouped in sets of 3, Different location of Home, Delete and Page up/down buttons, No indicator lights

    Review: Featuring a Comfort Wave Design Keyboard and a Contoured Laser Mouse with Rubber grips, the Logitech MK550 is perfect for your home or office. The wave design of the keyboard along with the padded palm rest offer a new level of comfort when working or just typing. You can also adjust the height to three positions and gain peace of mind knowing that your information is safe during data transfer through 128-bit AES encryption. Those coming from a standard keyboard should know that the F keys are grouped in sets of 3, not four and the Home, Delete and Page up/down buttons are also not in the same position as your old keyboard. In terms of battery life, both the keyboard and mouse can survive long hours of usage without frequently needing battery replacement. They come pre-installed with batteries and utilizes standard AA batteries. However, the trade-off for having an excellent battery life are the absence of caps lock and num lock indicator lights which could be inconvenient when typing long documents. This wireless combo uses the same unifying receiver found on most Logitech products. It can handle up to six devices and it pairs easily with your computer peripherals. The Advanced 2.4 GHz wireless technology ensures reliable connection and literally no drop-outs. As for the mouse, it has five buttons and is very responsive. It fits nicely in the hand and also permits smoother tracking on almost any surface compared to optical mice. Overall, although there are some compromises, the Logitech MK550 Keyboard and Laser Mouse Combo provides a great way to cut loose from messy wires and experience all the advantages of a fast and strong wireless connection.

  • K800 Illuminated Keyboard (Wireless Connectivity - RF - USB Interface - Compatible with Computer - Black)

    Pros: Wireless, Paired receiver also works with selected Logitech products simultaneously, Ergonomic design, Batteries included
    Cons: Installed batteries tend to run out rather quickly and may need to be replaced before long

    Review: The Logitech K800 Wireless Keyboard relies on 2.4 GHz of wireless interface for a smooth, drop-free user experience that nearly simulates the reliability of using a wired keyboard. Its keys are laid out on a thin shell in a combination of matte and glossy black panels, with each individual key comfort-designed and every character laser-etched to prevent fading from constant striking. The glossy sections which are around the keys themselves, also serve to accentuate the brightness of the adjustable backlight shining through. A sensor turns off the backlighting after a certain amount of time to save on power; to reactivate it, simply press a key or just wave your hand over the keyboard. It can be deactivated completely if wanted with a simple flick of a switch. Key response is very similar to that of laptops or notebooks considering that they are quiet and requires little pressure for keystrokes to register. An added bonus of function keys provide easy access to programs and functions without having to reach for the mouse. Powered by two AA batteries (included in the package), this wireless keyboard offers options to charge the batteries directly from the PC using the supplied USB cord or to swap the installed batteries for new ones. It is recommended to replace the installed batteries as they tend to lose charge rather quickly. It should be noted, however, that while replacing them is not exactly difficult, it is not really easy either because it requires a little disassembly. The Logitech K800 uses a unifying receiver, a tiny USB dongle as its connection interface. It is possible to use the receiver with other compatible Logitech devices with the aid of Logitech's SetPoint utility software. A complete list of supported devices may be found at the Logitech website.

  • Solar Wireless Keyboard (Wireless Connectivity - RF - USB Interface - English Canada - Compatible with Computer - Black)
  • Illuminated K810 Black Keyboard (Standard, Bluetooth, Wireless)

    Illuminated K810 Black Keyboard (Standard, Bluetooth, Wireless)

    1097 Reviews

    Consumer Passion : Most passionate
    Popularity : Very popular
    Amazon.com  Price: $93.85  See It
  • Desktop 800 Keyboard and Laser Mouse Combo (Standard, USB, Wireless)

    Desktop 800 Keyboard and Laser Mouse Combo (Standard, USB, Wireless)

    1377 Reviews

    Consumer Passion : Most passionate
    Popularity : Very popular
    Amazon.com  Price: See Site  See It
  • Wireless 2.4GHz Keyboard (USB)

    Wireless 2.4GHz Keyboard (USB)

    957 Reviews

    Consumer Passion : Most passionate
    Popularity : Very popular
    Amazon.com  Price: See Site  See It

    Pros: Inexpensive, Great range
    Cons: No backlight, No indicator for caps lock/ power on

    Review: The IOGEAR 2.4 GHz Wireless Keyboard gives you the freedom to work up to 33 feet away from your computer. It is designed with a scroll wheel, left and right mouse buttons and a built in trackball that not only saves you some desk space but also incorporates the latest laser trackball technology that enables you to adjust your cursor speed to 400 dpi, 800 dpi or 1200 dpi. We would have wanted to see on the IOGEAR Wireless Keyboard a visual indication of caps lock and power on status. It also has no backlight which is not a big issue if you're not going to use it in the dark most of the time. Other than that however, this slip resistant keyboard works flawlessly It even provides a hassle-free installation that does not require any software or driver. All you have to do to make it work is plug the included USB RF receiver. IOGEAR's 2.4GHz keyboard also boasts 19 hotkeys for your most used multimedia applications and an ON/ OFF switch that lets you save on batteries. It is compatible with Mac OS X v10.3.9 or later versions and Windows XP, Vista and 7. Furthermore, this keyboard also can be used on electronic devices supporting similar input systems like HDTVs, BluRay Players and game consoles like the Xbox and PS3. The greatest thing about it is that it offers an excellent combination of keyboard and mouse functions at a price that everyone can afford.

  • Wireless Desktop 2000 Keyboard and Mouse (USB Wireless Keyboard - English North America - USB Wireless Mouse - BlueTrack - Tilt Wheel - Symmetrical)

    Pros: Wireless, Great value, Responsive, Shortcut keys for Windows users, Advanced Encryption Standard
    Cons: Keyboard doesn't have an on/off switch, Transceiver is a little large

    Review: Work without discomfort and free yourself from wires with the Microsoft Wireless Desktop 2000. The shape, full size and side grips of the mouse allow it to perfectly fit in your palm while the Pillow-Texture Palm Rest of the keyboard brings maximum comfort even during extended work hours. There is a Tilt wheel for easy scrolling and a Dedicated Windows Start Button and Keyboard Shortcut Keys that permit easy access to the menu and other programs. With its BlueTrack Technology, you can be sure of excellent tracking precision and responsiveness, regardless of the surface. This keyboard and mouse combination is armed with an Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) that protects users and makes it ideal for business people. It carries a 3-year limited hardware warranty and only requires a USB Port, a CD-ROM and 2 AAA alkaline batteries to function. It also works flawlessly on Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP systems as well as on Mac OSX v10.4-10.6.X. On a less positive note, the Microsoft Wireless Desktop 2000 has a few caveats. Unlike the mouse, the keyboard doesn't have an on/off switch that lets you save battery life. The transceiver is also a bit longer than expected thus, causing it to stick out a bit when plugged in. On the other hand, this combination delivers superb functionality. In addition to being well-designed, it provides great value for the money and is also embedded with a battery status indicator that enables you to instantly check your remaining battery.

  • Wireless Keyboard K350 (USB)

    Wireless Keyboard K350 (USB)

    687 Reviews

    Consumer Passion : Most passionate
    Popularity : Most popular
    Amazon.com  Price: $39.99  See It

    Pros: Responsive keys, Cushioned palm rest, Height-adjustable, Unifying receiver
    Cons: Large, No caps lock, No LED indicators

    Review: The Logitech K350 may be quite large but that does not stop it from being a compelling upgrade consideration for standard keyboard owners. Despite its size, the K350 by Logitech has great features for the money. It is not overpriced like other models and it allows you to work and control everything from a distance. First of all, It is designed with a unique wave-curved profile and a cushioned palm rest which provides comfort while you type. Although it doesn't have a Caps lock key and visual LED indicators, it features programmable F-keys for easy access to your most-used applications and media keys for quick volume adjustment and media playback. The ergonomic Logitech K350 boasts an adjustable keyboard height, and is integrated with advanced 2.4 GHz wireless technology which provides an excellent range and reliable connection with no drop-outs. It employs Logitech's Unifying receiver which not only frees you from the confusion of having too many receivers but also lets you use your remaining USB ports for connecting your other devices. The greatest thing about it is that the keys are crisp and very responsive. You won't ever have to worry about a lot of impossible-to-use buttons and unfamiliar lay-out. In terms of battery life, it is sufficient for everyday use and rated to last up to three years.