Top Vacuum Cleaners by Consumer Reviewers

You would think that buying a vacuum would be a relatively simple task, but when you begin to look at all the options and types of vacuum cleaners that are available, it can be overwhelming. From stick vacs to uprights to canister vacuums, knowing what type will work best for your home is important. When you know what you want and you are ready to buy your next vacuum, this is when IntelliReview comes in. In order to pick the best products, we use our unique and powerful ranking system wherein we collect and analyze positive and negative reviews from multiple websites and use them as votes. A positive review translates into a positive vote and a negative review translates into a negative vote. This makes us different from other websites who only use one or two factors to choose the best products available. Our patent pending formula allows you to disregard inferior products and choose from the top of the line vacuums, no matter what type you need for your home. Let IntelliReview save you time and money when searching for a vacuum.

Ranking Updated: August 2016
  1. Vacuum cleaners usually come in either upright, stick, canister or handheld variations.
  2. HEPA filters included with the vacuum cleaner can clean the air that exits the machine, making it safe for people with allergies.
  3. Pick models with onboard tools and storage to make cleaning easier.
  4. Some smaller vacuums, like canister or handheld types, come in bagged or bagless models, so if you are considering a model that uses a bag, it's a good idea to get a few replacement ones.