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Top Plasma TVs by Consumer Reviewers

While more costly, plasma TVs are a must-have for serious videophiles that need a larger screen and are fond of watching action movies. They can render fast moving images with no lags and the thin bezel is obviously more appealing and sleek-looking compared to the already-thin construction of most LCD or LED TVs. If you watch a lot of movies in darker rooms and want a Plasma TV that will look great from any angle, we have a list of the top Plasma televisions on the market today. From refresh rates of the televisions to how crisp and clear the picture is, there are many considerations you need to make. Luckily, here at IntelliReview, we make the process of shopping for a plasma TV online a lot easier. We leverage the power of consumers by reading and evaluating countless reviews on the Internet. This proprietary formula allows us to rank products not by price, but by "real life popularity." Using this powerful method, we can save you money and time when shopping for a plasma TV. At IntelliReview, we make it easy to disregard all the "noise" and concentrate on a "signal" that is full of great deals on plasma televisions. Shop with us and get more for your money no matter what size of plasma TV you want.

Ranking Updated: August 2016
  1. Get plasma TVs with screen sizes of about 40" or greater for your living rooms or TV rooms. For bedrooms, you may want to pick something smaller.
  2. Plasma Technology may consume more electricity when compared to other flat-panel display technologies.
  3. Design-wise, plasma-based displays are very thin and can easily be mounted onto walls.
  4. Choose plasma TVs with matte screens for brightly-lit rooms.