Top Irons by Consumer Reviewers

A good steam iron is a necessity in every household. From silk to linen, it goes beyond what your regular iron can do. It can remove wrinkles on clothes with less time and are ideal for heavy ironing jobs. While there are quite a few traditionally shaped irons available, there are also a lot of new shapes and designs that work great for specific fabric types. At IntelliReview, we know that the quality of the product and the price are both important to you. This is why we gather reviews from multiple websites, choosing only the very best steam irons around. Our patent pending formula enables us to determine the ranking of each product based on the amount of positive and negative reviews. This means that when you shop for irons at IntelliReview, you know you are only dealing with high quality and long lasting items which can make your choice a lot easier. Whether you need something simple and basic or something more advanced that has a lot of steam and extra features like a retractable cord or even a cordless operation, there is one below that will work for you. We have a great system that selects only the top items that people across the social web are highly recommending. Start browsing our list below to view the best steam irons around.

Ranking Updated: August 2016
  1. Useful additions to your steam iron are a shot feature that dispenses a powerful blast of steam to help straighten out deep creases, and a spray that moistens clothes before ironing.
  2. Automatic Shut-off is a great safety feature to look for, since it cuts off power to the iron if it gets too hot or left unused for a couple of minutes while plugged in.
  3. Steam irons with non-stick coatings will lessen the chances of burned clothes, since the sole plate of the iron will glide over fabric.
  4. A steam iron with self-cleaning features eliminates buildup from water within the iron.