Top Small Kitchen Grills by Consumer Reviewers

Using indoor grills for cooking a wide variety of food including steaks, burgers, fish and chicken has a lot of benefits. In addition to letting you skip the hassle of grilling outside your backyard, it also utilizes minimal space in your kitchen counter and offers you a safer way to enjoy great-tasting yet healthy meals. If you are a great cook or know someone who is and want to get them a wonderful gift they'll enjoy again and again, you've chosen the right place. At IntelliReview, we have a list of the top indoor grills available. From electric grills to electric skillets to panini makers, we have the kitchen appliances that make lunch and snacks super easy. We use a unique method of collecting only the very best items by analyzing reviews across multiple websites. We call this rating consumer passion. By using these reviews as votes, we are able to create a very helpful and "intelligent" list of the best deals available for high quality indoor grills that won't cause you problems. No matter what type and size of indoor grill you need, we surely have something to please.

Ranking Updated: August 2016
  1. While most indoor grills have plates that are detachable and dishwasher safe, only a few models offer replacements for plates with worn-out coating.
  2. Choose models equipped with floating hinges if you plan to use your grill to cook meat or poultry.
  3. Some models are built in halves with opposing plates, allowing them to function as panini makers aside from grills.
  4. Models with deep drip pans will make cleanup easier.
  • Griddler Grill & Panini Press

    Griddler Grill & Panini Press

    5346 Reviews

    Consumer Passion : Most passionate
    Popularity : Most popular  Price: $84.00  See It
  • GGR50 Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill

    GGR50 Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill

    2371 Reviews

    Consumer Passion : Most passionate
    Popularity : Most popular  Price: $84.78  See It

    Pros: Large cooking surface, Easy to assemble and clean, Dual-purpose
    Cons: Small drip pan

    Review: Every household needs a grill at some point, but at the same time, they must choose between getting an indoor or an outdoor grill. With the versatile George Foreman GGR50 Indoor/Outdoor grill however, there's no more need to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of both grills, as you can have both for the price of one. The 240 square inch round grilling surface enables you to cook a wide variety of food and eat to your heart's content, and the grill easily transforms from a tabletop grill into an outdoor grill and vice versa. It even includes a high-domed lid and a stand for outdoor use. The large cooking surface not only lets you grill and roast individual pieces of hotdogs, meat, chicken, fish and vegetables like corn and tomatoes, it can also accommodate a whole bird, making it ideal for those with children or large families. With the double non-stick coating, there's no need to use oil. You can enjoy your food with less fat as possible and less worry. This dual-purpose electric grill features a temperature control for cooking different types of food and making sure that they are well cooked but tender. Unlike other grills, the handles are safe to touch and the grill plate can be removed and immersed in water for easy cleaning. The GGR50 also has a grease hole that drains and allows the oil to fall into the drip pan. Considering the size of this grill, the small drip pan is quite a disappointment. With that said, you should check it on a regular basis when grilling a huge amount of fatty food. Nonetheless, the George Foreman Indoor/Outdoor grill is a practical solution and is a good alternative to charcoal and gas grills.

  • Manufacturing Co. 20x10.5-in. Enameled Seasoned Cast Iron Reversible Double Burner Grill/Griddle
  • BG-24 indoor grill

    BG-24 indoor grill

    877 Reviews

    Consumer Passion : Most passionate
    Popularity : Most popular  Price: $52.79  See It

    Pros: Big cooking space, Heats evenly, Easy clean-up
    Cons: Glass top does not perfectly fit the whole cooking surface

    Review: Enjoy outdoor grill perfection inside your home with the Delonghi BG-24. It has a large 12 x 16 inches cooking surface that allows you to grill an appetizing and delightful meal for the entire family. The die cast aluminum non stick plate is dishwasher safe and can easily be removed for convenient cleaning. Other features include an embedded heating element for consistent and even heat distribution, a detachable thermostat control that can be adjusted for a variety of food, a non stick splatter shield that surrounds the grill for anti-grease protection, a tempered glass lid for keeping food as tender and tastier as possible, a removable drip pan for increased cleanliness, an indicator light that lets you know when the unit is ready for use and cool touch handles for a safer environment. The Delonghi BG-24 Perfecto indoor grill is a must have in any household. Those who want to satisfy their cravings for a perfect and healthy meal need not to look further because this does the job pretty well.

  • CGG-200 Grill (Natural Gas, 240 sq. in., 12,000 BTU)

    CGG-200 Grill (Natural Gas, 240 sq. in., 12,000 BTU)

    700 Reviews

    Consumer Passion : Most passionate
    Popularity : Most popular  Price: $145.90  See It
  • Liddle Griddle Mini Griddle, Grills Griddles, Wafflers

    Liddle Griddle Mini Griddle, Grills Griddles, Wafflers

    587 Reviews

    Consumer Passion : Most passionate
    Popularity : Most popular  Price: $24.99  See It
  • Total Griddler Essential Bundle includes: Cuisinart GR-4N 5-in-1 Griddler, Cuisinart 15-Inch Folding Grill Tongs (CIT-201), and Cuisinart Hard Plastic Spatula (DLC-650)
  • 2 Serving Classic Plate Grill

    2 Serving Classic Plate Grill

    698 Reviews

    Consumer Passion : Most passionate
    Popularity : Most popular  Price: $17.99  See It
  • 22\

    22" Electric Griddle Black

    520 Reviews

    Consumer Passion : Most passionate
    Popularity : Most popular  Price: $34.49  See It

    Pros: 22" X 11" Nonstick Cooking area, Detachable heating controls, Dishwasher-safe and immersible
    Cons: Handles and drip tray made of flimsy plastic, heating element does not heat up cooking plate evenly

    Review: With the Presto 07039 Electric Griddle, enjoying comfort food like bacon and pancakes no longer needs to be the messy, greasy affair it once was. The 22" X 11" cooking surface of the 07039 electric griddle provides ample space for cooking more food items, which, in turn, cooks food more thoroughly. The base is constructed from heavy cast aluminum to keep it from warping when heated. The raised ridge along the edge of the cooking area keeps food from sliding off when the griddle is in use and helps in transferring food from the griddle to the plate, while the hard plastic handles on the sides of the griddle provide a sturdy grip. Weight watchers and diet-conscious people will love the non-stick coating on top of the 07039's cooking area, which uses virtually no oil other than a light spritz of cooking spray. A grease channel draws in the oil from the food and collects it all in a pull-out tray underneath the griddle. Aside from being healthy-friendly, the non-stick surface makes the 07039 electric griddle extremely easy to clean; as a nice bonus, the griddle is dishwasher-safe and is also completely immersible once the heating controls are disconnected from the cooking plate. Speaking of the heating controls, the dial-style one on the Presto 07039 Electric Griddle has defined presets of up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit to keep temperatures at an even keel while cooking. The Presto 07039 Electric Griddle is easy to use and is able to cook all the food that you'd want in a snap. However, it does fall short in a key area that would have made it a truly quality product. To be specific, the drip tray and the handles could have been made of sturdier plastic than the Bakelite that the manufacturers used, which tends to break or chip. Another issue with the 07039 is that the heating element doesn't heat the cooking plate evenly, instead creating extremely hot spots where food can get burned quite easily.

  • GF 144sqin Grill Silver

    GF 144sqin Grill Silver

    473 Reviews

    Consumer Passion : Most passionate
    Popularity : Most popular  Price: $54.33  See It