Top Headphones by Consumer Reviewers

Whether you want to silently boogie down to disco tracks, listen to a movie you're watching on your computer or just want to have better sound for a video game, good headphones are a necessity. Several types of headphones are available today, starting from full-sized headphones which are great in blocking external noise, supra-aural which are more lightweight but less effective when it comes to noise isolation, and lastly in-ear headphones which are smaller and more popular these days. Here at IntelliReview, we understand that aside from sound quality, you also need to take into account other essential factors like comfort, durability and cord length in order to make the most out of your audio experience. With that said, we formulate our list of the best headphones by collecting reviews and ranking products based on the amount of positive and negative reviews. This method is very reliable and effective considering that people only write reviews when they are really happy or really upset with a certain product. It also ensures that only the best models make it to the top our list. Browse below to find our easy to read and useful headphone reviews.

Ranking Updated: August 2016
  1. Earbud headphones are perfect for people who prefer a simple listening experience without the trouble of putting on full-sized earphones. Some earbud models are worn inside the ear canal, and through the silicone or foam tips, provide excellent noise cancellation.
  2. Lightweight headphones have larger sound drivers, and thus, are capable of producing louder and more defined output than earbuds. These models use pads that rest on top of the ears instead of going inside your ear canal, which may be more comfortable for some people.
  3. Full-sized or circumaural headphones offer the best sound quality but may be hard to wear, as the increased padding does lead to warm ears.
  4. For more control, choose models with controls built into the cord to allow you to adjust the volume or skip tracks without having to touch the device.