Top Computer Cases by Consumer Reviewers

Those that build their own computers know that choosing the proper computer case is important in many ways. Today, computer cases are built with different materials and packed with various features for easier installation and operation. Some are capable of water cooling and are constructed with sound deadening panels as well as washable air filters while others are made of a lightweight material and are more expandable. When it comes to finding the best deals on mini-tower and larger chassis, we can help. Our formula compiles numerous reviews across the Internet in order to provide you with a serious look at what computer cases are going to give you the most value for your money. While browsing our list of the top computer cases, you are going to realize that IntelliReview really is different in the manner that we make it easier to shop for the best computer case, no matter what you need. From a gaming computer to a media center PC, we can help make sure you get enough drive bays, cooling fans and the right style of motherboard. Our proprietary algorithm allows us to show you just high quality items. Doing this, you can save time by only seeing superior items at a wide range of prices.

Ranking Updated: August 2016
  1. Computer components require constant cooling to prevent heat damage, so a good computer case should have adequate airflow through it.
  2. In addition to a construction that is very cooling friendly, some computer cases also include a set of fans to help circulate cool air and eliminate warm air.
  3. If you own, or are planning to build a computer with multiple graphics cards, make sure that your components fit inside the case without blocking airflow.
  4. Most computer cases also offer tool-less installation of components like hard drives and optical drives.