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Finding a camera bag that is small and lightweight yet still holds all of your photo gear can sometimes be hard as some bags lack external pockets or a little more padding. This is especially true if you are looking for a stylish camera bag and at the same time, the best deal to save some money which you can spend on a better camera lens perhaps or an extra set of batteries. Here at IntelliReview, we have formed a list of the very best camera bags for you by harnessing the power of the social web. We go through countless reviews then we use these reviews to determine the ranking of each product. The result is a unique and useful list of the top camera bags in the market today. It doesn't matter if you want a large bag or a small one, IntelliReview is here to help make your choice easier. Even if you need a larger suitcase with foam interior for all your camera gear, we have you covered. At IntelliReview, we have the best camera bags for all types of photographers. When you shop with us, you know you're going to get a quality product at a great price.

Ranking Updated: August 2016
  1. Camera bags should offer solid, all-around protection for your equipment, especially for lenses (if you have an SLR camera), or the LCD screen. Go for models with sufficient padding and dividers, pockets, and maybe a memory card holder.
  2. A waterproof exterior and leak-proof zippers will go a long way in keeping cameras dry as opposed to just keeping them in a basic case.
  3. As much as possible, get top-loading camera bags with nylon gussets or webs so your items won't fall out.
  4. For more active photography, camera cases that are small and compact may be preferable than bulkier ones.
  • GB2400 Camera Gadget Bag (Top-loading - Cordura)

    GB2400 Camera Gadget Bag (Top-loading - Cordura)

    1461 Reviews

    Consumer Passion : Most passionate
    Popularity : Most popular  Price: $34.97  See It
  • 100-EG Custom Gadget Bag (7\

    100-EG Custom Gadget Bag (7" x 9.5" x 5.5" - Black, Olive)

    1068 Reviews

    Consumer Passion : Most passionate
    Popularity : Very popular  Price: $21.49  See It

    Pros: Durable, Well-padded, Three carrying options
    Cons: Small

    Review: For photographers who want to carry their camera here and there, the Canon 100-EG Custom Gadget Bag is a clear winner. The bag has ample amount of padding for maximum protection and there are cushioned dividers inside so your gear can sit right next to each other safely. The top cover also acts as a protective layer. Everything, from the straps and handles to the zippered pouches and metal buckles, seems well-made. Aside from securely holding your camera, there’s an extra room for your car keys, cell phone or wallet, and you can use both front and rear pockets for squeezing in a couple of accessories like extra cables, batteries, charger and SD cards. For those who are not comfortable with a shoulder strap, the bag leaves you with two other options; carry it using the top handle or convert it to a waist or fanny pack. We suggest that you leave the unnecessary items and carry just the basics if you’re attaching it to a belt in order to reduce the bulkiness. Needless to say, these three options are nice to have so you can revel in comfort, lighten your load and avoid aching shoulders. The Canon 100-EG Custom Gadget Bag has total dimensions of 9" (W) x 7" (H) x 5.5" (D). Admittedly, it may be a tight fit if you’re bringing all your gear but it is a good choice for quick trips or if you’re looking for a durable bag that easily fits your camera, along with one or two lenses and several accessories.

  • SLRC-205 SLR Sling Backpack (14.75\

    SLRC-205 SLR Sling Backpack (14.75" x 4.5" x 3.75" - Nylon - Black)

    1130 Reviews

    Consumer Passion : Most passionate
    Popularity : Moderately popular  Price: $47.99  See It

    Pros: Large compartment, Comfortable, Lots of pockets, Generous warranty
    Cons: No rain cover

    Review: Innovative and spacious, the Case Logic SLRC-205 provides much-needed protection and easy storage for your camera gear. The Hammock system reduces impact and ensures that your camera stays in an easy-to-access location. There’s absolutely no need to waste time finding and getting your camera out of the bag as you can easily pull it out. The large main compartment can hold cameras measuring up to 7.9 x 3.8 x 7.9 inches and there’s a dedicated compartment for an extra lens or flash accessory. You won’t have to choose and leave other accessories behind. A space where you can secure your tripod can be found outside the bag and a total of three pockets can be utilized for organizing necessities such as chargers, extra batteries and memory cards. The primary benefit of choosing a sling bag over other types of bags is its ability to distribute weight evenly. The Case Logic SLRC-205 allows you to comfortably carry all your gear, making it an ideal choice for hiking or travel. The only gripe is that it lacks a rain cover for extra protection under extreme weather conditions. Getting one, in addition to the bag, is therefore highly recommended. Construction-wise, the Case Logic SLRC-205 looks like it can take a beating. It has a rugged design and made of high-quality materials. The shoulder strap can be adjusted to ensure perfect fit and comfort, and the waist strap offers security and balance. Case logic even included a generous 25-year warranty to show their confidence in the product.

  • Medium SLR Camera Bag

    Medium SLR Camera Bag

    839 Reviews

    Consumer Passion : Most passionate
    Popularity : Most popular  Price: $43.99  See It
  • 1510 CASE W PAD DIVIDR - 1510-004-110 - PELICAN

    1510 CASE W PAD DIVIDR - 1510-004-110 - PELICAN

    557 Reviews

    Consumer Passion : Most passionate
    Popularity : Most popular  Price: $181.81  See It
  • 1170 - case

    1170 - case

    343 Reviews

    Consumer Passion : Most passionate
    Popularity : Mildly popular  Price: $43.71  See It
  • 9793 Carrying Case for Camera (Nylon)

    9793 Carrying Case for Camera (Nylon)

    204 Reviews

    Consumer Passion : Most passionate
    Popularity : Very popular  Price: See Site  See It

    Pros: Good quality, Roomy, Padded straps
    Cons: Big, Bulky

    Review: The Nikon 9793 Carrying Case is a great grab-and-go bag for first time owners of DSLR cameras and casual shooters. Adequately padded and securely fastened with metal locking clips, it complements your on-the-go lifestyle. It features a handle on top and a shoulder strap which can be adjusted to fit the wearer's size. Both have enough padding so you can lift and carry heavy loads comfortably. The padded interior makes your travel worry-free, and the bag’s layout can be customized based on your needs. Bulkier and bigger than expected, the Nikon 9793 can easily accommodate multiple lenses, Speedlight flash units and cameras of different sizes. Users can adjust the movable center divider to fit other items as well. It only weighs 1.5 lb or 680 g, and measures 12 x 6.5 x 8.5" or 30.48 x 16.51 x 21.59 cm. The Nikon 9793 is ideal for daytrips or as a storage solution. While bigger bags enable you to bring your extensive collection of photo equipment, they can hinder access and make it difficult to get to your camera when an opportunity reveals itself. In these situations, the 9793 can give photographers an edge, allowing them to pull off quick snaps. Nikon keeps it plain and simple with an all-black design and Nikon’s logo embossed on the front flap. The bag is solidly-stitched and its dual buckles won't break easily. The only gripe is that it doesn't seal very well so if you’re not careful, dust, water or sand can get in, especially if it’s windy.

  • Ape Case ACPRO1600 Digital SLR/Laptop Travel Case (Handle, Shoulder Strap19\
  • Ascend TSB710US Carrying Case Backpack for 16\
  • ProDigital 2.0 Messenger Bag (Cordura - Burnt Orange)

    ProDigital 2.0 Messenger Bag (Cordura - Burnt Orange)

    161 Reviews

    Consumer Passion : Most passionate
    Popularity : Very popular  Price: $89.95  See It