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IntelliReview shows the products with the most consumer passion. Consumer passion is about consumers loving their products and sharing their good experience with others. Our specialized algorithm identifies the products people are passionate about, the products receiving tons of 4-5 star reviews.

Tons of Rave Reviews = Tons of Happy Owners = Top Product

IntelliReview leverages the power of the people to pick the best item in any shopping category. Simply put, a positive review translates into a positive vote and a negative review translates into a negative vote. Only the best products make it to the top. The system works because people only write reviews when they’re really happy or really upset with a product. By filtering out products with average and negative reviews, you get a quick and accurate look at your best choices – the products with the most number of four and five star reviews. Why waste time slowly wading through page after page of mediocre products, when you can shop smart and start with the best products ranked by the most positive reviews?

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